Student Community Wardens

Student Community Wardens:
What the Wardens do

The primary responsibility of the wardens is to ensure there is harmony between the local residents and the students residing in the local community during the academic year.
Below is the role that wardens can expect to play

  1. To contribute to improving community cohesion within the Winton, Charminster and Wallisdown areas in particular, including taking part in proactive advisory patrols.
  2. To establish and maintain regular contact within their designated area.
  3. To undertake the specified hours of proactive patrol work; to identify and communicate to the appropriate people any potential community problems and to recommend possible solutions.
  4. To co-ordinate student run community projects at least once a term e.g. litter picks and community surgeries.
  5. To provide information to student residents about local issues, facilities and services.
  6. To encourage students to take an interest in the residents within the given area and encourage a culture of community.
  7. To provide positive information to student residents on their rights and responsibilities of living as tenants in the community.
  8. To promote and encourage gas and fire safety inspections, as well as elementary security and crime awareness in conjunction with the BU Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).
  9. To perform letter or leaflet drops on behalf of Bournemouth University (BU), The Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) and the local council in the patrol area.
  10. To liaise with appropriate SUBU and BU departments in order to improve community relations.
  11. To gather and disseminate information to promote awareness of specific issues within the area.
  12. To help monitor the state of the general area by feeding back information on problems including:
    • graffiti for removal
    • rubbish dumped
    • fly-posting
    • non-removal of Let By/To Let signage
    • skips inappropriately located or sited for long periods
    • damage to street furniture