Wings over Winton

In the very early years of flying, Winton had two nearby airfields – one for a short period...


Where did they shop

A look at Winton’s shops in the first quarter of the last century. Some of the buildings have...


Heathland Origins

Before Victorian builders began to develop it, Winton was simply heathland on the western edge of...


Ancient Winton

Scrapers found at Edgehil Road Winton Road about 10,000 bc Winton may be an Edwardian and Victorian...

Mel Bray

Our history contributions were all written and researched by Mel Bray who set up the original Winton Community Forum website in 2006.

Mel's career has been largely founded on local, national and international broadcast journalism and his name may be familiar from the days when 2CR ruled the local radio airwaves. During his time at 2CR he won a national Sony broadcasting award for outstanding service to the community. This came in recognition of two unique series of programmes he devised and produced to tackle the major problems of economic recession and family breakdown. One of them was even praised by the Prime Minister in House of Commons question time. Both were copied by radio stations all around the country.

"Trying to create a history of Winton in words and pictures is a typically journalistic endeavour", says Mel. "But there is a deeper motive behind it. I got involved with Winton Forum from the start because I believed it had a role, in its small way, of making a better world.

"We have lost much of the trust, neighbourly interaction and mutual support that existed years ago and I believe that things like carnivals and local history knowledge give a sense of place, pride and belonging that create social cohesion. That in turn leads to a happier healthier community. It is all summed up in the slogan I created for the Winton Carnival: A day to make you happy - isn't that what the world needs a bit more of?"