Who We Are

Secretary: Matt Burgess
Treasurer: Jane Bull
Chairperson: Stuart Lane
Deputy Chairperson: Matt Burgess
Member: Mark Cummings
Member: Barbara Smith

What We Do

A small local group headed by Winton man Stuart Lane is now in the process of reviving the Winton Community Forum. You'll be hearing more in due course. Go to our contact form and please leave any comments or contact details.

Terms Of Reference

  • The WF (Winton Forum) is one of a number of ways, that residents and people who work in Winton can get their message effectively across to Council representatives.
  • The WF is a way to help educate residents and service providers on relevant issues via resources on the Winton Forum website, leaflets, posters and through presentations at public meetings.
  • The WF is a mechanism to survey and collate residents needs and wants, issues and concerns.

The WF aims to be a positive agent for change to:

  • Advise the Council and other public service providers on specific issues that affect the area.
  • Help residents have their say.
  • Flag issues of local concern or contention with the public services like the Police, Health Authority and Council.
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders (eg Universities, Council, Public Services) and together to support a positive, pro-active and solution-driven approach.
  • Engage with everyone – The Forum is not just for old people or young people, or those with jobs or already involved in community work, but for any resident who would like to find out more about local issues or would like to raise something with the Council or any other services.
  • Encourage new ideas and wider community involvement.
  • Work together with all of Winton’s public services, organisations and residents.
  • Support the elected representatives (Councillors) whom are obliged to consult the Forum on all community issues.
  • WF is a non-political, non-partisan platform for Forum Members to make their views known and discuss / highlight issues affecting them. All Forum Members have equal rights, irrespective of age, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Every member of the community is welcome.
  • WF will encourage community participation in the actions and policies of Bournemouth Borough Council, and Central Government and other organisations, by identifying local issues, providing access to information and ensuring all sides are fairly reƒpresented.
  • WF will collate the collective opinions within the Forum and take them forward to Local and Central Government and other organisations, as determined by the Forum.
  • WF will maintain strong links with local Councillors, Council Departments and Officers, Members of Parliament and representatives of other organisations, to ensure a two-way flow of information.
  • WF will work to improve links with public sector partners, e.g. Police and Safer Neighbourhood teams and the Fire and Ambulance Service and will promote public service information.

The Steering Group consists of Forum Officers, Councillors, representatives from groups within Winton and individual trusted members of the community who have an interest in adding value. The group meets as required, provides for the day-to-day running of the WF and supports the committee to compile the agenda. The Steering Group have committed to perform against a set code of conduct which all individuals will adhere to. This is available on the WF website.


The WF shall have a committee consisting of no less than four (4) Officers who must be at least 18 years of age.

  • The Chairperson
  • The Deputy Chairperson
  • The Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • Additional officers the Group deems necessary at the meeting to carry out the required activities such as marketing, press interaction etc.

The Officers* will be selected by the steering group based on skill set and capability to deliver the role in a balanced manner. A vote of no confidence from the Steering group is the outcome for any officer not performing to the required standard via an extraordinary meeting.

Steering Meetings - The Steering group shall meet at least six times a year in order to:
  • Discuss actions, monitor progress to date, and to consider future developments.
  • Determine Forum Public Meeting Dates.
  • Ensure that all members are given at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of an extraordinary Forum meeting being called.
  • Confirm full presence of officers or nominated substitutes at the Forum.
  • Compile the agenda as a collective group.
  • Plan and coordinate administration of Forum functions / activity.
Public Meetings - Public Meetings will be called at least three times a year.
  • The WF Public Meetings can be conducted in different formats:
    1. Presentations which may have a Q&A session.
    2. Members Only Meetings to allow members to share issues and ideas.
    3. Two-way debates to help decision makers to come to an acceptable conclusion or to inform residents.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to chair all meetings or a designated Deputy in his/her absence.
  • In the event of any member of the community wishes to raise an idea or concern and is unavailable to attend then ‘have your say’ forms are available on the WF website.
  • It will be the responsibility of the secretary to circulate the agenda prior to the public meeting via the WF website.
  • Public meetings will be minuted and accessible to interested parties via the WF website.
  • The Chair and Secretary will compile a report summarising the meeting minutes and actions post public meetings and circulate to all members within 14 days of the meeting via the WF website.
Meeting Conduct
  • All members attending the WF steering group and public meetings will be required to show polite and respectful behaviour will be expected at all times.
  • If members wish to speak then they will raise their hand and be invited to speak when prompted by the Chair.
  • No speaker, whether resident or guest, will be allowed to dominate any part of the meeting.

Any money acquired by the Group, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by Officers in the name of the Group.


Any changes to these terms of reference must be agreed by the steering group at a special general meeting. Amendments to these terms of reference or dissolution of the Group must be conveyed to the Secretary formally in writing. The Secretary and other officers shall then decide on the date of a special general meeting to discuss such proposals, giving members at least four weeks (28 days) notice.


The Group may be dissolved if deemed necessary by the steering group members in a majority vote at an extraordinary meeting. Any assets or remaining funds after debts have been paid shall be returned to their providers or transferred to local charities or similar groups at the discretion of the Officers.

This is the structure to date.
This is not a constitution.

Signed: Secretary Signed: Treasurer
Signed: Chairperson Signed: Deputy Chairperson
Signed: Member Signed: Member

Format agreed on 27 October 2015
Winton Forum