Student Noise warnings

Student Noise warnings

Students will now be handed standard letters from the Police/University if their house is the subject of a complaint about noise or anti-social behaviour. The first letter is a warning and the second advises them that action will be taken against them.

Here is the text of the second “action” letter:

Dear Student,


It has been brought to the attention of Dorset Police Universities Safer Neighbourhood Team/ Environmental Health that complaint(s) have been raised which concern unacceptable antisocial behaviour at your address.

You should be aware that the Dorset Police Universities Safer Neighbourhood Team, Bournemouth University, the Students’ Union and Environmental Health continually endeavour to ensure good relations in the local community and matters which compromise this are taken very seriously.

Please be advised that action which otherwise damages the University or its reputation constitutes misconduct. This matter is now being referred to Bournemouth University, who will be in contact with you in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedures for a preliminary interview with the Director of Student and Academic Services. The Student Disciplinary Procedures can be found at:

Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact the Universities Safer Neighbourhood Team on or the Complaints Co-ordinator at Bournemouth University, Paula Peckham, on