Minutes October 2015


Stuart Lane- Chairman
Matthew Burgess- Deputy Chairman
Julia Dandy- Secretary
Mark Cummings- Marketing officer
Jane Bull – Treasurer
Barbara Smith


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Apologies for absence
  • Nomination of members
  • Terms of Reference
  • Update on website review
  • Finance / Bank account
  • Building use
  • Date of next meeting.

The chairman opened the meeting and introductions were made.

Apologies for Absence

Nominations were received as follows:-
Matthew Burgess- Deputy Chairman
Julia Dandy- Secretary
Mark Cummings- Marketing officer
Jane Bull– Treasurer

All positions were AGREED. A suggestion was made regarding the appointment of a student to the committee.

Terms of Reference
The Chairman outlined the role and scope of forum.
The committee discussed the aims of the forum. These were identified as: to disseminate information and invite input from local community/ residents of Winton via the website and surveys; to discuss key issues arising as a result. The committee discussed issues surrounding multiple occupancy arising as a result of increasing numbers of students in the area. The Chair informed the committee that he had established a collaborative relationship with a local enforcement officer to improve reporting of incidents. A Committee member expressed concern about the forum’s degree of involvement in this process.

Although the Terms of Reference had been circulated prior to the meeting, some members reported problems accessing the document. ACTION – All committee members to review the document and comment via Google docs.

Update on website review
The site structure and accompanying logo was circulated. This was AGREED. It was AGREED that personal emails should be avoided and that committee emails should be setup. ACTION: All members to set up committee emails for contact purposes. The committee discussed the Content Management system and editing procedure. It was AGREED that all members have limited permissions to edit the website and that this will be overseen by the Marketing Officer. .

Finances / Bank Account
The Marketing Officer volunteered to research bank accounts and it was AGREED that there should be three signatories. ACTION: Treasurer to research opening a bank account. The Chairman confirmed that there were funds available via a grant to cover forum activities including leafleting. The Chairman also advised the committee that he had identified a grant for seeds and suggested that application be made for this. ACTION: Chair to research/apply for seeds grant.

Building Use
The Chair raised possibility of shared use of buildings on the recreation ground by community groups. The committee explored the idea of using one of the buildings as a food store and distribution point. Informed committee he had attempted to contact Bowling Club chair to discuss use of buildings. Date to be discussed to survey buildings at the next meeting. The Chair AGREED to contact the Bowling Club chair once they have returned from holiday.

Date of next meeting
Friday 7th November. Venue t.b.c.

Responsibility and Timeframe
Review Terms of Reference and comment via Google docs.

All committee members – by 3rd November
Set up of committee email addresses

All committee members – by 7th November
Research opening of bank account – to be setup with 3 x signatories
Treasurer – to feedback at next meeting.
Application for seeds grant
Treasurer to research making application.

Date to be set for survey of buildings
Secretary to add to next meeting agenda

Contact Bowling Club Chair
Chairman – to feedback at next meeting.